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We understand that all rug cleaning situations are different. It takes a thorough analysis of your rug, noting every detail of it from the type of the material to the type of duty and stain. Fresno rug cleaning determines what is the best cleaning solution for what works and what brush to use where, what kind of scrub is need for what material and then combine all these factors with the state of the art technology that the company has to offer. Our team of professionals knows what to use where and when. They continuously train their technicians to ensure that they are update with the current technology and techniques on rug cleaning. 

Rug cleaning is such an important task in every home. As such we need leave this job to the professionals. Many have attempted to clean their rugs without seeking the services of a professional in this field. Doing it yourself more often than not ends up giving undesired results. In most cases you will end up with a damaged rug either because you used the wrong cleaning solutions and materials or because the scrub was too hard. Your rug is valuable to you, it is too special and I dare not say too costly for such a risk.

Rug cleaning can improve the look of your house or home and also enhance the life of your carpet, but more importantly it brings enormous health benefits to your home. The American Lung Association advises people to vacuum clean their rugs at least three times a week.

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Green Care Cleaning:

We utilize earth benevolent cleaning items that are 100% safe for pets, kids and nature's domain. These items are biodegradable and are contained on non-poisonous chemicals. Green items hold common cleaning parts and don't hold barbarous chemicals like smelling salts. These items are especially critical for hypersensitivity sufferers who are delicate to customary cleaning operators. These items are additionally viable in decimating microorganisms, dust vermin and microscopic organisms that are imbedded in the floor covering.

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